As we grow old the skin starts sagging especially around the jaw area and cheeks. This is not only due to the force of gravity but an aftermath of multiple complex processes. Technology is fast catching up to slow down the process of ageing and treat them to some extent.

Sagging skin requires not one but multiple treatments. Using anti-ageing creams and medication as advised by the doctor is one way of keeping a check on ageing and its effects on your skin. Lately, with growing technology and expertise - anti-ageing laser treatments for skin tightening have also become quite popular amongst people. Our skin has a component called collagen that is necessary for skin flexibility. Over a period of time, its production in the body goes down.

Laser treatment for ageing skin problems is focused on activating and rejuvenating our body to produce enough collagen. Targeted heating causes soft tissue coagulation and collagen contraction i.e. when the natural process of the body kicks in and gives the skin a youthful and tight effect. The full effect of skin tightening treatment can be seen over a period of few months.