Hair loss is a condition that impacts both men and women and can be embarrassing for some, and devastating for others. Although there are some prescription medications that can be effective in certain cases, a growing number of people are choosing alternative treatments that have proven to be highly effective in treating hair loss such as LED Red Light Therapy.

LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, is a light treatment and is also referred to as LED red light, LED blue light.

LED Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss is a noninvasive anti-aging approach that works by emitting energy-producing packets of light deep into the scalp skin's layers.

The light creates ATP (cellular energy), which strengthens both the cells and the surrounding area creating a perfect scenario for hair growth. Follicles expand, hair gets thicker, and new hairs grow from the now open hair follicles.

Human body transforms light energy into biological energy, just as it is done by plants during the photosynthesis process, i.e. by engaging numerous body cells to achieve that.