Puva Therapy

What is Puva ?

Puva stands for psoralane and ultraviolet light A (UVA). Metthoxypsoralen tablets should be taken prior to treatment. If they make you feel sick try taking them with a light meal or a glass of milk. Topical psoralen/soaks will be applied within the department. Blood wii be taken before commencing full body PUVA therapy in order to confirm your suitability for starting treatment.

How it works ?

In the presence of UVA, the psoralen combines with the cells in the skin to slow down their rate of division. the treatment can cause a reddening of the skin and and an increased production of the natural pigment melanin.This may give you a tan.

The treatment sessions.

The treatment session may gradually increased from a few minutes up to 30 minutes, if your skin tolerates the treatment and does not burn.Treatment is usually given twice a week and you can expext to attent for treatment for 10-12 weeks.


It is a chemicals found in various plants like lime, lemon ,cerely,fig and clove. In puva theraphy a psoralane drug is taken by mouth or applied to skin as a gel & then skin is exposed to UVA. The psoralane acts by making the skin more sensitive to UVA.

Post Procedure.

Glasses : The methoxypsoralen tablets eii sensitise your skin and eyes to sun light for about 12 hours and it requires to protect your eyes againts the UVA in day light by means of wearing sun glasses.

Skin protection : Sun light contain significant amonts of UVA which can cause burning if skin expose for long periods after using psoralens. it requires to preotect the skin by protective clothing or good sun screen.

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