Derma Roller

What is derma roller ?

The procedure uses Derma Roller to creat 540 disk needles fine therapeutic holes of high precision with 0.07 mm size,which is thinner than the breadth of a hair strand on the dermis layer,it corrects the unruly of collagen,triggers natural collagen and regenerates the skin cells.The procedure is popular in many of the domestic and overseas hospitals and clinics and is acclaimed as the 4th generation skin care system in numerous medical coverage programmes.


Rapid healing.

Less expensive rather than laser resurfacing.

Skin does not become sun sensitive.

Simple technique.

Can be performed with topical anaesthesia.

Possible elimination of telangiectasia.

Applicable for face, hair and all parts of body.

More effective with medical therapy.

Very short time period of healing.

Easy to use and educate, no side effects.

No skin damages.

Usable for all kind of skins.


Acne scar reduction.

Cellulite Treatment.

Collagen induction.

Wrinkle reduction.

Drug delivery.

Large pores.

Face firming.

Stretch Marks.

Thick wrinkles.

Skin pigment reducton.

Active ingredient delivery.


* The needles go deep into the skin about 0.5-1.2mm.
* Needling itself can promote the production of collagen.
* When needling opens the channels,natural healing power helps skin regeneration.
* The medicine goes into the channels that are open after needling.

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