It is a method of transdermal local drug delivery using electrical current. A charged ionic drug is placed on the skin with an electrode of the same charge,allowing direct current to drive the drug in to the skin.

Are you frustrated from excessive perspiration ?

A wet handshake, wet and smelly feet or damp patches under the arm pits. These are the problem commonly associated with hyperhydrosis. For example suffering from excessive sweating, life can become intolerable. Inferiority complex,fear of contact,social isolation and difficulties in carrying out everyday tasks are only some of the problems faced by those affected.

One popular and growing solution to treat successful hyperhydrosis is IONTOPHORESIS theraphy.


Treatment for hyperhydrosis.

Administration of local anaesthesis prior to a venipuncture or dermatological procedure.

Administration of (NSAIDs) as treatment for inflammatory musculoskeletal disorder.


The area to be treated is paced in to water. A gentle current of electricity passes through the water. Electrical current increases gradually untill you feel a light tingling sensation. The theraphy lasts about 10-20 minutes and requires several sessions. The process plugs the sweat glands and temporarily prevents you from sweating.

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